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Photo Management, Editing and Posting

Last year it was estimated that over one trillion photos were taken. How many photos will you have in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? 

Digital photography and especially our smartphones have changed the world, but it has also given us a photo mess. Managing our photo collections has become a headache and it doesn’t need to be! This workshop is designed to help you get started. A New York Institute of Photography Instructor will go over photo organizing basics, talk about available resources and provide some simple steps to help you begin managing and preserving your digital photos.  Using examples from fellow passengers, you will then learn how to edit your photographs to make sure the image you are sharing looks the best it can. Finally, your instructor will offer some tips and tricks for maximizing your visibility on social media.


  • Photo organizing:  Working with digital images and how to start organizing your collection

  • Photo editing: Tips for editing including cropping, filters and playing wth light.  

  • Posting:  How to effectively use hashtags to increase your followers.

  • Instructor will review actual photographs taken by passengers during this cruise.  

  • NYIP Certified Instructors are professional photographer instructors sailing on select Royal Caribbean cruises.

  • Founded in 1910, the New York Institute of Photography is the largest, longest running photography school in the world, having educated more professional photographers than any other institution.  

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