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Photos you love. Posts your friends will like. 

In just one adventure your friends will see the difference in your photos and want to know how you did it. Guaranteed.

Your curriculum was created by leading travel, landscape and portrait photographers and is led by a NYIP Certified Instructor.  In just a few hours you will go from shooting ordinary snapshots to taking extraordinary images that your friends won't believe.  

Our Photography Adventures:


Unleash the Power of your Smartphone

Learn the secrets that professionals use to capture images in the sun’s most beautiful light.

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Sunset Photography Adventure (11-17 year olds)

Learn how to take those shots worth posting for the world to see on your smartphone.

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Model Shoot Adventure

Whether shooting a portrait or a fashion shoot, few genres are as fun and challenging as capturing the human form.

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Shore Adventures

See the world with new eyes as you learn to shoot people, landscapes and wildlife the way they do in National Geographic..

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Editing Photos for Social Media

You’ve taken an a amazing shot, but now what?   This workshop is designed to help you edit your photographic treasures.
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Private Classes

Want one-on-one attention or traveling with a group that wants a dedicated instructor?

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